How it started

Tuwon, a British-based luxury accessories brand, was born out of the visionary spirit of Charles Banigo in 2013. A graduate of Middlesex University, was inspired by his academic journey, delving into the intersection of form and function at scale.

The inception of Tuwon happened during a stroll through central London, where we, discovered a void in the market. Most products lacked the blend of creative beauty and high functionality we envisioned. At that moment, we thought, "We can do better."

Thus, the journey began.

We immersed ourselves in sketches and prototypes, facing failures that fuelled relentless improvement. Crafted our first backpack. Word of mouth transformed into sales and shipments to new customers, driven by pure passion and a commitment to delivering something extraordinary.

What you hold in your hands today is a testament to our creative endeavour—a journey fuelled by passion, curiosity, and the daring exploration of "what if" scenarios. Launched in 2021, Tuwon stands at the intersection of artistry and innovation, pushing the boundaries with artisanal and conceptually challenging products.

Driven by a larger vision to make a difference through design, Tuwon invites you to join us in this creative endeavour. Explore a world where every accessory tells a story and each creation is a testament to the pursuit of excellence.

Welcome to Tuwon, where luxury meets purpose, and each product is a chapter in our ongoing journey of design and impact.

Design Process

We transform mere ideas into captivating masterpieces, where innovation and craftsmanship converge to create extraordinary products. Our journey begins with a vision, crafting purposeful accessories to solve problems. Like an artist's canvas, our prototype lays the foundation for iteration and evolving. Meticulously refined, each prototype reaches new heights of excellence. Our scale design process weaves a tapestry of luxury, harmoniously blending form, function, and details. Rigorously tested, our products exceed expectations in form and performance.

Our Mission

Creating products that centres convenience with scale design/detailed functionality and a dash of creativity

How can we help you?

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